Be unique and choose a printed blind!

Are you attempting to create a very specific look or mood in a room and the standard blind designs aren’t quite what you’re looking for! Then a printed blind may be the perfect option.

With the advances in printing, anything can now be printed on, including blinds. This opens so many options for the private residence as well as for your business.  The option of custom printing your blinds gives you the opportunity to create blind designs that are exactly what you want and need, from the design to the actual picture to the color palette.

Printed Blinds can feature almost any printed image in full color on very high-quality blind material that is durable, hangs well, and is easy to clean.  We have a few tips that will help you narrow down your blind designs:

  1. Choose the most suited blind for printing

Roller blinds and panel blinds are the blinds that best lend themselves to printing. When in use they present a flat, vertical fabric, they provide, a blank canvas, ideal for printing.

  1. Match the room’s purpose

When customizing the print on your blinds, it is important to choose a print that reflects the purpose of the room, or the chosen design motif used within a room. For example, in choosing the ideal option for a kid’s room, you may think of a few options.Choosing a design such as a kid’s favorite soccer star, football or rugby star or favourite TV show or something to do with your child’s specific interests is a great way to ensure that your choice of blind design matches the chosen room.

  1. Use color and print to create an atmosphere

Another thing to consider is the type of atmosphere that you are trying to create. This would be dependent on the room’s purpose and if this is a space in your home or a space in your office? Are you trying to create a warm and inviting space for guests to enjoy?

If so, then it would be in your best interest to get custom-printed blinds that are light in color and have a print that evokes cheerful feelings. Look out for our next blog on the “psychology of color”.

  1. Show your personality

The final tip that we have for you is to let your personality shine through in all your choices for custom-printed blind designs. Make sure that you choose designs that speak to you as a person and reflect who you are to your guests. There is nothing more homely than creating a space with home décor and accessories that you love.

  1. Who supplies the artwork?

Generally, this is the responsibility of the client. The main criteria are to provide the image in as high resolution as possible. The printer will make the final tweaks and ensure the print is sized correctly to match the size of the blind.

Blinds are custom-made to fit and with either our selection of licensed images or client-provided images. You choose the type of blind and your perfect image.  

The high-resolution image of your choice will be transformed onto a vertical blind, roller blind or panel blind and create a unique and beautiful feature in your home.