Bonus Cleaning Tips

Tip 1:

Make your own DIY Blind Cleaning Tool What you will need

1) A pair of tongs;

2) 2 microfiber cloths;

3) 2 rubber bands.  

Attach the microfiber cloths to a pair of tongs with the rubber bands. This handy little hack will help you speed through this chore in no time! Remember to test the thickness, you made need to cut the cloth in half to accommodate the space between the blinds.

Tip 2:

Keeping Track of Slats Always keep clothes peg in your pocket when you are cleaning individual slats of windows blinds by hand. If you are interrupted, pull out the peg and attach to the last slat you cleaned. Whether you are called away from your cleaning for two minutes or two days, you will immediately know exactly where you left off when you return.

Tip 3:  

Use a lint roller. A lint roller made for clothing, for getting rid of those cat and dog hair. The lint roller easily rolls over vertical blinds picking up dust, without damaging the material.

Tip 4:

White vinegar The humble white household vinegar. Vinegar is your best friend. Vinegar does a great job at cutting through grime and it will not discolor your vinyl, aluminum or pvc blinds either. Use a white vinegar and warm water mixture (a 50/50 mix) to get blinds sparkling. It’s cheap, it’s easy.