Holiday season is coming. Looking for a new look for your windows?

Look at the options below for a brand-new look?

Are you looking for a different look for your windows? Not sure if you want curtains and blinds or both?  

Why not consider the following options to increase your versatility of your window treatments. 

Option 1: Layer two window blinds. To get this look, you can install the base window treatment as a recess and the top as face fix. For your base layer, you can use sheer roller shades, or blackout shades depending on your need for privacy or sun blocking. With a beautiful roman blind to create the top layer.  

Option 2: Double Roller. Install a double roller, a Day/Night blind, more than one option in one blind. One solid roller blind in the front and another translucent blind at the back OR it can be the other way around with solid in the back and translucent in the front depending on your individual style and need.  

Option 3: Combine soft window treatments with blinds. Install a roller blind in the recess, use drapes to give it a softer touch, while ensuring privacy.

Option 4: Install a roman blind in the recess, use drapes to give it a softer touch, while ensuring privacy. Both these are soft window treatments and will give your room a cozy feel. For versatility, choose light filtering Roman Shades for daytime privacy and blackout curtains to block light at night.

Note: Roman shades can leave small gaps on the sides of the window where light can shine through. Adding drapes on top will help give you complete darkness and a more upscale look.

Option 5: Install a bamboo blind in the recess, use sheer drapes or natural colour to give it a soft and natural look. Or install a white bamboo blind for a more modern look. If you want to natural and texture look this is an option to consider.

Remember the following tips for all the above options:

Keep the space you are designing for, in mind. When it comes to bedrooms, roller blinds with a blackout lining are a great choice or the double roller blind.