Sure signs that it is TIME to REPLACE Your Blinds

When is the last time you took a close look at your blinds?

If your blinds have been installed a long time ago, inspect them for any damage and read below to know what to lookout for, chances are some of these concerns are already frustrating you.

Remember it does not necessarily mean a replacement of a blind, contact us to see if the blind can be serviced and repaired in our workshop.

If your blind does not raise or lower or gets stuck? 

If your blinds require a lot of effort to raise or lower, or simply will not lift at all…it is a definite sign. There could be several reasons for this. It is most likely due to a malfunction of the cord lock mechanism or the lifting mechanisms of your blinds could be damaged and on the brink of breaking.

Another possible consideration is that your blinds may have been made too wide so the cords and mechanisms cannot adequately support the load. If you want the same look with more stability, consider ordering 2 separate blinds to cover your window or a 2-on-1 headrail option.

Damaged pull cords

If you live with a cat, chances are the cords on your horizontal blinds have been used as a toy at some point. Either as a chew toy or a place to hang from. Damage made by the little paws may even have made your blinds inoperative as the cords are now filled with knots that block it. This is a definite sign to have your blinds serviced and repaired.

Warped, bent, or damaged slats

Warped or misshapen slats can be a sign of heat damage or humidity for wooden blinds. This will prevent your blinds from raising correctly, and the wrapped slats will be clearly noticeable. If just a slat or two is warped, we may be able to replace it, but if they are all a bit out of whack, it is better to replace the whole set or potentially replace the blind.

If you want to install a blind where there is full day sun, especially in harsh climates like KwaZulu Natal, try to stay away from a wooden blind and rather look at alternatives. Kids and pets, especially cats, can wreak havoc on aluminum mini blinds, bending them out of shape. Individual slats can be replaced, depending on the damage to the blind.

Some you may be able to rescue, it does however depend on how much damage was made by your bellowed pet or toddler.  

Slats are Yellowed or Discolored

All blinds may experience some fading from the sun, although newer materials offer more UV protection. However, if your blinds have dramatically yellowed or discolored, this is most likely a sign of material deterioration and it's time to start looking for a replacement. When shopping for new blinds, look for materials with UV inhibitors. Ask us for the best option.

Blinds Slats Don't Close Tightly

If your slats do not close as tightly as they used to, or if you twist your tilt wand repeatedly and slats barely move - your tilt mechanism has probably given out. This piece is can be difficult to replace without re-cording your whole blind, and it is better to replace the whole unit.

Dated style

Are your blinds still the blinds that was installed by the previous owner?
Are you redecorating and now this simply does not suit the style of your living space anymore?

Ditch those old blinds and look on our website and Facebook page for inspiration on all the modern options that is available to not only enhance your space but provide the privacy or blackout you require. For a totally unique option, look at printed blinds, using your own design that fit in with your new décor. Look at the beautiful mood boards for inspiration. For help finding a modern window treatment that will enhance your space, contact us for advice and a free quote.

You added to your home or installed new windows

Whether you revamped or added on to your home new windows can mean less window frame depth and blinds that do not fit anymore. Take this opportunity to replace them with a contemporary option like motorized roller blinds, printed blinds, or a beautiful roman blind.