Tips for choosing the correct window blind

Window treatments are one of the most important decisions of home décor. They can solve some of your home’s biggest challenges by offering privacy, light filtering, filtering of UV rays and noise-dampening features. Blinds can help you create a totally unique space. They even help you create a cohesive design and colour scheme.

  1. It is about your style
    What is your design style? Do you like modern, contemporary, traditional, Industrial interior design? You need to understand what it is that you like and do not like in your home and what will blend in with your furnishings that is already in place.

  2. It is about your window
    It is about the size and shape of the window. Think about the width of the window, it may need two blinds vs one, just based on the weight and the kind of blind. You need to talk to your service provider, to make sure you understand what is possible for a big size window. Roller blinds and venetian blinds are potentially more suitable for windows less than 3 meters.

  3.  It is about privacy and security
    If you want to install a blind for additional privacy versus simply a covering for a window, your material and blind selection will be different. If security is what you are after, you may want to consider the Aluminium shutter options. Even UV protection can be considered if you install an exterior blind.

  4. It is about light control
    Block out material vs not, think about where you window is placed and if you want to control, light and heat from the sun.

In brief understand what is the challenge you want to solve with installing the blind. Understand your own style and understand what you need. Talk to us if you are unsure of what can work in your home and make a real difference to your living space.