Why you need motorised blinds

Why your Home needs motorised blinds

Have you ever found yourself where you wished you could easily adjust the angle of your window blinds, without being within reaching distance? Blind automation allows you to do just that. 

Blinds can be operated from the opposite side of the room, or even at the other end of the property. It helps bring another level of convenience into the home and makes managing your window blinds easier. To enhance convenience, even more, this can be part of home automation, not only the window blinds.

For many South Africans, energy efficiency has become a key factor. When paired with smart lighting, motorized blinds can also end up maximising the amount of daylight in your home. This leads to reduced electricity usage, saving you money throughout the year. An example of this profitable collaboration is when, for example, opening the blinds triggers smart lighting to turn off or vice versa.

It’s only one of the many ways in which electric blinds can help make your home even more environmentally friendly.

If you need more reasons, consider the following:

• Quiet functioning.

• Lower wear and tear

• Improved accessibility, especially for high or inaccessible blinds

• Control multiple blinds at once

• Increases the lifespan of our blinds and curtains

• Better security; and

• Greater compatibility, 

• Convenience to name a few