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Community Project: Recycled bags for Charity

We make recycled bags from old vertical blind material to sell on behalf of our selected charities. We only supported registered charities within our local community. 100 % of the proceeds will go to the charity. 

Currently we make shopping bags, beach bags, but contact us if you have a corporate function or a need and we can do something special for you. This will give your staff or best friend a special bag while supporting a needy family and children in your local community. 

Walk in Faith

WALK IN FAITH is a registered NPO (Reg 174-466 NPO),  as well as a PBO (Public Benefit Organisation) aimed at feeding and clothing the needy, with specific emphasis on poor households with children, the elderly, the disabled and other vulnerable persons.

We currently collect and distribute food parcels, sanitary items, stationery, clothing, medication and other household necessities to over 40 families in need. We also collaborate with other important stake holders such as Richards Bay Family Care, SAPS, the Zululand Observer, local schools, churches and other support organisations to alleviate pre-existing conditions, detrimental to the emotional and physical well-being of such families. These factors can include unemployment, substance abuse, gambling and domestic violence to name but a few.


In order to identify vulnerable children and families, we rely on help and guidance from community members and a small number of committed volunteers. Once the situation has been reported, normally directly to our chairwoman and founder, Merinda Ackerman, the circumstances of the family is investigated with their permission and cooperation. The investigation will include regular home visits, interviews and background checks. Cases which merit serious intervention, such as removal of children, are then reported to the relevant authorities. 


Due to the enormous pressure on state subsidised institutions and lack of places of safety, we however attempt to keep families together where possible, while they are being monitored, with oversight of trained social workers, counsellors and the police. Our services also include networking with organisations with possible employment opportunities to help families become self-reliant. We do not believe in creating dependence and the aim of every intervention, is to actively help the family unit to regain independence and economic participation.

For More Info Contact:
Merinda Ackerman