Awnings are a type of protective shield against all the various elements. It can also act as a simple way to extend your backyard or deck. An awning can provide various benefits:


  • Reduce energy cost: during our hot South African summers, consider the heat and light that enters through your windows. This can increase your energy cost and render your outside entertainment area unusable. Introducing a fixed or retractable awning can reduce the energy cost and need for air conditioning inside the home and increase the shade outside your home.

  • Increase entertainment space: If you have a deck or patio that you are limited by the weather, installing a patio can extend your outdoor space and increase your ability to comfortably host more guests.

  • Ultraviolet (UV) protection: Dangers of exposure to UV rays for humans are well documented. However, an awning can also protect patio furniture and deck spaces against harmful UV rays.

  • Increase curb appeal and value: Increasing usable outdoor space, can also increase the curb appeal of your home.

Depending on your specific requirement you can choose from a fixed or retractable awning.  


The biggest difference between the two options is the movement.


Retractable awnings can be adjusted to provide the appropriate amount of light and shade or can be completely retracted against a wall or into a Storbox, that will protect the awning against all-weather elements.


A fixed awning is installed in a fixed location and can block light at a specific angle and reduce exposure to all weather elements for example in front of a door.


A variety of fixed and retractable awnings are available. Various designs, colors, and options for motorization can be chosen to suit your need and taste.