Crank Blind

The Crank Blind is a high-quality outdoor blind that allows for the effective closing of wide-open spaces. This is all achieved without the requirement of ropes and pulleys.


  • PVC
    PVC is available in clear PVC and various color options.  The clear PVC is available in 2 tints - Charcoal and Smoke. The PVC is waterproof and non-porous, In addition to Water and Stain resistance, some PVC-coated fabrics include Fire Retardation, Anti-static and Block-out properties as required in certain applications. The fabric is designed to resist fading. 
  • Visiontex
    VISIONTEX outdoor blind fabric is Australia’s leading outdoor mesh solution. VISIONTEX PLUS and VISIONTEX VIEW features PVC coated, high-tensile polyester woven with peace of mind self-extinguishing fire resistance, and high abrasion capabilities. VISIONTEX is made to perform. It’s manufactured to the exacting Okeotex certification system with NO harmful toxins like lead, mercury, chromium, and with a 10-year warranty.  
  • Shadeweave
    ShadeWeave® sunscreen fabrics have been extensively tested and are endorsed by the following internationally recognized testing authorities: Greengurad, Oeko-Tex, Ecospecifier, SGS, and Cetec.  ShadeWeave’s certified sunscreen fabrics are available in various textures and colors.  It is an excellent option providing for greater internal comfort, it reduces heat and glare allowing the required level of screened natural light inside as well as providing privacy during the day.