The Paraflex Centre Pole Umbrella

The Paraflex Basic 270cm Centre Pole Umbrella has an aluminium centre post and offers all the advantages of having a Paraflex product, including a broad range of colour options and it’s neat looking design. Umbrosa ensures that the umbrella’s they offer are convenient and user friendly and long lasting by using high quality materials and covers and by providing a spare part program so your Paraflex Parasol will provide you with shade for years to come. The Olefin Umbrella cover has a 3 year warrantee against fading for Private use ( 1 Year for commercial use) and the frame comes with a 3 year limited warrantee against faulty workmanship. Dimensions : Width 270cm – Height 230cm-Central Tube 32cm

The Infina parasol is not only unique in looks, durability is guaranteed by the use of aluminium, stainless-steel components and high quality Premium Olefin umbrella covers.