Wallmounted Umbrella

The WALLMOUNTED umbrella is without a doubt a unique feature of the Paraflex umbrella system. It is the perfect shade solution for big terraces with several umbrellas on the wall or for small patio’s with only one umbrella. Even for the small balcony of an apartment the Paraflex wallmount umbrella is the ideal shade solution!

The Wall is often the perfect spot to install an umbrella / parasol arm. A solid starting point from where you can easily create all the shade you need on your patio. The ease and flexibility of just mounting a number of Paraflex wallmounted umbrella’s even on bigger patio’s ensuring that annoying umbrella poles are a thing of the past!


How to configure your Paraflex Wall mount Umbrella?

Step one : Choose your Umbrella arm/holder.

The inspiration of umbrella arm/holder comes from the human arm holding an umbrella.

The classic standard size umbrella holder is 1.85cm long and the classic long-size umbrella arm measures 2.35cm.

Step two : Choose a umbrella size and cover colour from our Premium range. Available umbrella sizes are 2.7m hexagonal, 3m round , 1.9m square and 2.5m square.